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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Five Things Every Parent Must Do

All families are different and unique. They come in varying sizes, shapes, locations, and personalities. There are lots of things that one family will do or enjoy that another family would hate. That's normal and OK.

However, I want to suggest five priorities that every parent needs to include in their home no matter who you are, where you live or what you have. These five actions are not only essential but their presence will help determine whether your family will be healthy and stay healthy.

First, make time to rest, relax and reflect. People are just too busy today. Children are pushed to be in a sport or activity every season. Parents work crazy hours so they look for even that much more for their kids to do while they're gone. Being involved in good things is fine, but never slowing down is insane and destructive.

Second, speak words of life often. Words of life are not always compliments or mere flattery. Words of life speak to one's soul about who they are, why they are valued and how they make a difference in your life. We can't say these vital phrases enough but often those rich kinds of words are drowned out by mere platitudes, empty praise or plain silence.

Third, make lifelong memories. Yes, great memories can and should be spawned in the everyday of life - the little things, the surprises and the day to day moments that are special and revered. But it's important to be even more intentional by discovering ways that you will make memories together in unique and more grand ways. Take some vacations, plan unique trips with each child, develop a few hobbies and special activities that are your family's favorites.

This is how we began climbing mountains. And we'll never forget our experiences together.

Fourth, teach and model your faith journey. Some parents want their kids to have some sort of religious instruction so they make sure the kids get to church and hope some of it sinks in. That may be helpful and the children might deepen their own faith that way, but you'll make a far greater impact in them and you if you're the one who is their model and guide concerning spiritual things.

Finally, love your spouse openly. Remember your home is marriage training for your kids. It will be the major classroom where they will learn how to treat their husband or wife someday. Let them see your affection, kindness, respect and commitment to one another every day. Show them how to handle conflict appropriately and wisely. Admit when you make mistakes, let them know you won't be perfect and teach them how to handle those imperfections in healthy ways.

Yes, your home will be special and one-of-a-kind in many ways but you will have a richer home if you'll make these fabulous five actions prominent at your house.
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  1. All excellent points Gary particularly numbers four and five. In a world where children are inundated with anything other than holy and healthy images of relationships modeling love between and man and woman is vital to break through some of that static.

  2. Thanks for the comments and extra thoughts. Don't quit climbing.