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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning In A Restaurant About Happiness

My wife Jackie and I had no longer sat down at our table at Fisherman's Wharf when our server, a woman in her 50's, greeted us with a cheery and energetic "Hi, what can I get for you?" And while that kind of enthusiasm isn't that unusual the rest of her responses were. There was something very captivating about her. You just wanted to be in the same room. My hunch is that if you came into her restaurant a little discouraged you would leave lifted up, at least a little. Why?

First of all, she did everything with energy and eagerness. She acted like she couldn't wait to bring you the next item. One time she stopped by our table with something and said she was "just in the area" so she served us again on her way by. It did not matter how many people she needed to help she seemed to do it all eagerly.

Second, she talked with us and showed interest in who we were. She told us some history of the restaurant and shared some helpful tidbits about the upcoming weather. We talked about where we were from and her background there in San Francisco. Turns out she has been waitressing there for thirty years!

Third, I don't know how hard her life has been but  she still lived life as though every day were special. You would have thought that this was the first day she got to work at her dream job! She smiled as she almost bounced from table to table and freely engaged every person in the room.

You see, I think there is a lot we can learn from this special lady. I see so many people going through hard times and letting those challenges steal all their joy for life. They are angry, entitled and bored. They feel like their circumstances are unfair and can do nothing about finding real meaning and purpose again. This waitress proves them wrong again.

As I write this post from near Yosemite, my wife and I are stuck near our condo sad that recent fires have pushed their smoke into this beautiful place. Going to the valley, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is futile right now. You can't see anything.

But we are not about to let that stop us from enjoying our time here. Attitude is everything. And thankfully God offers all of us joy, peace and patience in any set of circumstances if we will just embrace Him and a new attitude. It really can change everything.

Just like it did for that lady serving us our fish and chips.
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